Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a fancy word that simply means positioning products or services on the internet. Got a product or service that is currently selling well? And you believe that you are ready to expand the amount of people you reach using the internet. Then marketing digitally via the search engines is certainly a great way to get more eyeballs on your products and or services.

Imagine you get home one day from work and your toilet is overflowing. What do most people do that don’t know the first thing about plumbing? We do a search on a device to find a plumber nearby that can help us out. Now imagine your business website showing up for keyword phrases looking for the service you provide. Well in a nutshell that is what Digital marketing does. Does this sound like it would be valuable to your business?

Digital Marketing Agency

What is a Digital marketing agency? To cut to the chase, it's a business that helps  business owners like you  get more customers using the internet. Back in the day you had a product you would put up in a newspaper or magazine and hope you got leads and sales. Those days are going the way of the dinosaur with interwebs at your fingertips. Anyone can run paid Ads on and quickly understand whether there is a demand for whatever it is they are offering. And smart business owners take that data and build a long term Search engine optimization strategy as a longer term goal for getting consistent leads and sales on autopilot.

Types Of Digital Marketing

There are many types of digital marketing, and they are all different. You can use some or all or just a few it's really up to you check you don't even have it use them. But if you really want to grow your business faster your kinda going to want a little help  so here are some one the different types of marketing

Search Engine Optimization - just means your site will be optimized to show up when customers are looking for your product or services just like if you wake up one day and your toilet is backed up and overflowing i don't know about you but other than shutting off the watter value i don't know how to fix that plumbing job i'm just going to do a search on my phone or tablet for a plumber near me and those plumbers that show up on the first page of google have their website optimized to show up so those are the plumbers i'm going to call to fix this mess. This is also called organic or free traffic but yes its not really free there is an investment involved but it the revenue outweighs it big fold.

Pay-per-Click -  it is what it sounds like you put up an ad on the internet and each time someone clicks on your ad you get billed, now that doesn’t mean that the person who clicked your ad is going to call you or even give you their information. But you will get charged just to have a looky loo or what i call a window shopper. We all have done it. We are scrolling the internet and see an interesting ad that caught our interest and we click on it. Sometimes we pursue to call or buy the product or we are just comparing the product or services. Or sometimes we just don't do anything and don't call and leave the ad, unfortunately that business owner just got charged for us to look at them not even a hello. It is exactly like having a window shopper walking in your store  then leaving right after and you had the pleasure of paying someone for a tire kicker and you did it with a smile on your face. I don't know about you but that could kinda costly pretty fast and just hate throwing away good money but that's my opinionEnter your text here...

Social Media Marketing - I love this when its done correctly if can work great in favor but when its not it can burn a whole in pack faster than you say sh*t.  We all have seen these ads from scrolling facebook or on your instagram and even on youtube. Sometimes it's annoying, funny and sometimes it's interesting so we click on it and we decide we want that product or services and we may call or supply or info. Or we may see it like it but then we decide to do our own research and by the time we finish our research we never see that ad again and we buy from their competition. But thank goodness that that first business owner spent his money to show us their product and services so that when we are ready to buy we can buy from their competitors because we never found that original business owner again.

Content Marketing -  ever heard the saying Content is King  yeah well kinda not. I mean don't get me wrong you should content whether it is in text on a blog or post or even a video, the key to this is don't sell anything here is a stretch and many of us forget about it but treat others like you want to be treated it’s a hassle but not everyone want to be sold on they may have a question and need a simple answer but many of us even me in my earlier days just provide information answer questions and even ask question so you can better understand their situation and see how to best answer their questions.

Email Marketing - this a great way to stay in touch of your past customers you can offer them special deals that are not available anywhere else, you can even up sell your past customers to other services or products that you offer just because they became your customer or one type of services doesn’t mean their not interested in the other service you provide that either they forgot you offer or didn’t know. Yes it involves making eye catching emails but the cost per email is peanuts on the dollar.

Influencer/affiliate marketing - this is another great approach. This is when you use someone else's platform to reach their consumer and in exchange for a percentage of the profits or a flat fee however you arrange it. Now this is a great approach and sometimes it can get viral marketing which is a great influx. Yes even if it's not a long term setup it can be pretty profitable. But keep in mind just because you used an influencer does not mean you're guaranteed a sale but that is usually spoken about before going forward you just have to determine if it’s worth your budget.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy

So what is a Digital Marketing Strategy really it's about picking a marketing  style you like and sticking with it. So you can reach the goals you want to be committed with the Marketing strategy you chose. Yeah you hired a Marketing agency but both you and them should work together in harmony. This should be a team effort you want the results and they should be able to provide it

Don't  expect someone to work and get results if they're their hands are tied behind their back there will be a time where the Marketing agency is going to need something from you, can either provide it them yourself  of delegate someone from your business to provide it and you don't have the resources tell them and they should be able to get it done providing you help them to get those resources. Don’t just sit back and say oh yeah ill get those give me a day and then you forget about it and expect to see results.This should be a team work effort you both make money if you work together.  Cant have a one foot in and one foot out approach. Stick to it and really give it a try. I say if you're going to do something do it 100% don’t half ass it.

How To Do Digital Marketing

The easiest way for a How to do digital marketing guide, is hire someone to do it. Or you can do it yourself. What it really comes down to is your time better spent learning a new skill set that is not related to your business,and trying to compete with other digital marketing companies that have more experience and really more time because this is what they do for a living. Or do you want to run your business because that is what you excel at and  have more experience and know all the ins and outs of your business. The basics is finding what type of digital marketing you want to proceed at and try to find courses that help you get better at it. Yes it will take time to master a new craft, but that's a decision you make.

1 create a customer avatar what- basically what is your ideal customer what are their wants and needs sounds easy but really identify what is your customer base are they married, singel, is another type of business, what kind of  business, are they owners or are they in charge of a particular position. See how it goes deeper than the just the general overview.

2 adapt the mindset of today’s customer - The tactics that used to work before may not not work as efficiently. We as a society have become fast paced if it takes too long for us to get our answer from one source we move on to the next.

3. Focus on getting content out - get yourself in front of new customers, be available  to answer questions, don't try and sell everytime most people don’t like to be sold on anything, when they are ready to buy we have done our research and feel confident in our buying decision.

4 Evaluate existing marketing channels - what have you done in your best months to increase revenue, were emailing, calling potential customers, knocking on doors, going to conventions, networking events.

 5 Automate Your Marketing - the less time you spend on doing the marketing yourself the more time you have to close new customers and actually sell your product or services. Get your marketing working for you while you can run and grow your business

 6 Invest in Marketing - whether you go with  paid organic marketing if the marketing is done right it pays for itself and puts money in your pocket. That way you get paid to grow your own business.

7 Make it easy for customers to contact you - The best marking system you have in place means nothing if you make it hard for new customers to talk to you or a representative of your business, depending on your business they may have some questions that they want answered before they move forward with you so accessible.